Business Activities


Technical Company since its inception until now is considered the most important companies in supporting projects, where it managed throughout its history to characterize by diverse and successes through a remarkable evolution, starting from the production and marketing of polyurethane, to the establishment of a specialized factory producing this material since 1996. It has contributed in so many projects and insulated millions of square meters at the local level of the State of Kuwait.

The outcome of perseverance and effort

We will not exaggerate if we say that the Technical Company for Thermal and Water Insulation is not larger in size, but the most widespread, thanks to Allah and then to the efficiency of the company's technical and administrative, and continued achievements and lasting success, God willing.

Challenges / Difficulties that have helped to support us

Difficulties, is the path of refinement and show the essence of the technical and artistic technique of Technical. It was our abilities and capabilities to meet the customer requirements to choose what fits with the geographic location of residence of the quality of appropriate insulation to groundwater levels or otherwise, to keep up with the latest findings of modern science, which is to satisfy our customers. Our work became the perfect advertisement means.

Competition and Consumer

Always striving for the benefit of the consumer

Government Support

Technical hereby extends, as an existing being and entity, its sincere thanks and appreciation to all ministries and governmental bodies for all the support in our works they have given us.